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Journalism, blogging, business writing, copy writing, ghostwriting, children’s fiction and nonfiction.

My experience includes creating award-winning journalism, critically recognized children's books, copy for catalogs and book jackets and press releases, online blogs, and much, much more.

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content consulting

Audience and purpose: begin there. Your content must connect with the intended audience and accomplish the purpose for which it was created.

I have taught college composition and creative writing, and have served as editorial director, managing editor, and senior editor and writer, in journalism, children’s and academic publishing. I can help you ensure all your content is engaging, accurate, purposeful, and considerate of the audience for which it was created.

Allow me to help you create and improve content that meets your publishing needs.

content development

Content and project development and delivery.

I have helped concept and lead development of an award-winning program for reluctant readers, an academic study Bible with more than 30 contributing scholars, and special publications for first-time authors.

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